The Goats of Growth Landing Page Design - A UI/UX Case Study

December 2020 - January 2021

Table of Contents

Project Overview

The Goats of Growth is a platform designed to connect businesses with top-tier early-growth stage GTM (go-to-market) leaders. These leaders can be hired for various employment models, including fractional, advisory, or full-time positions.

This project aimed to design a compelling landing page that effectively communicates the platform's value proposition and motivates users to explore its functionalities. The goal was to attract potential users, showcase the benefits of The Goats of Growth, and convert them into paying customers or subscribers.

Design Process

The design process followed a user-centered approach:

1. User Research

While in-depth user research wasn't conducted for this specific project, an understanding of the target audience (businesses seeking high-caliber GTM leadership) informed the design decisions.

2. Competitive Analysis

Existing landing pages within the talent acquisition or recruitment niche were analyzed to identify best practices and potential areas for differentiation.

3. Wireframing & Prototyping

Low-fidelity wireframes were created to map out the landing page's core structure and user flow. This was followed by a clickable prototype for usability testing.

4. UI Design & Refinement

Based on the prototype feedback, the final UI design was created with a focus on visual appeal, clarity, and user guidance.

Project Deep Dive

1. Design

a. Low-Fidelity Wireframes

b. High-Fidelity Wireframes